Your Musical Link to JAPAN

EAGLETAIL MUSIC provides a vast range of services from concert/stage production, 
tour booking and management to interpreter/translator services
and CD & digital distribution/license deals in Japan and Asia.  

Whether you are an artist, label, management, or production company...
It’s up to you how to utilize EAGLETAIL MUSIC!

We will find your solution to succeed in the land of the rising sun!
Check out our services and feel free to contact us for any questions.

Big Concert Crowd


Concert Production & Advancing

EAGLETAIL MUSIC provides a variety of services in concert production:

- Production Management & Advancing

- Stage Management

- Drum Tech

* English / Japanese bilingual

We also coordinate local hiring for any concert related position (e.g. lighting, sound, backline, interpreters, etc.) upon request.

At the Concert
City Traffic at Night

Tour Management & Booking

EAGLETAIL MUSIC provides tour booking services in Japan, along with English / Japanese bilingual tour management duties.

Interpreter & Translator

We provide top notch interpreters and translators not only with a vast knowledge of the concert production, but also capable for any situation in the music and entertainment industry.

Hands using recording control panel
CD Shop

CD / Digital Distribution & License Deals

For artists and labels searching for outlets in Japan for your CDs and digital products, feel free to consult with EAGLETAIL MUSIC to find your distributor and/or label in Japan. We will connect you to the appropriate outlet for your product.

Local Promotion

EAGLETAIL MUSIC offers a reasonable local promotion and marketing plans for artists and labels, instrument manufacturers, studios, etc. that still do not have a marketing foundation in Japan. Utilizing both internet platforms and a wide network in the industry, we will create new opportunities for you in Japan.

On Air Sign



Tour Booking for Japan

​Creativeman Productions

Stage & Production Management, Production Advances, Interpreter Services


Tour Booking for Japan


Drum Tech / Stage Manager


Local Promotion & Marketing


CD Distribution

Gegentrend Records

Local Promotion

Tokyo Jazz Festival

Stage Production & Advances,
​Interpreter Service


License Deal



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